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BCT Group Steel Framing

BCT Group Steel Framing is a sister company of BCT Group providing industry leading service in both the design and construction space. We take control of the most important component of any construction project.

BCT Group Steel Framing was established to ensure homes and commercial projects across Victoria could continue to be constructed in a timely manner despite the significant timber shortage across Australia. Our frames are light, strong and easily contrived to ensure your building project stays efficient, on time and high quality.

Located in Brooklyn, a stone’s throw from The Westgate Bridge and Melbourne’s CBD lie our headquarters, complete with a state-of-the-art steel frame rolling machine and advanced design technology. These features are combined with over 40 years of building experience making us perfectly placed to provide framing components to your next construction project.

We offer the services of design, manufacturing and optional Regulation 126 Certification to builders, developers and owner builders. Please use our enquiry form to find out more or organise a quote for your project.


Roof trusses


Light structural steel




Sub flooring


Each component of any building from the footings to the roof is available at BCT Group Steel Framing. What we provide is derived from your requirements i.e. stumps, columns, light structural steel, sub floor including floor bearers and joists, wall frames, roof trusses, rafters and delivery to site. We also provide a supply and installation service. 

All information required for the design, shop drawings and other relevant information is taken from the CAD drawings provided by your building designer. Once we receive this design file that’s all we need! It is important to remember that what is designed is what you get so it’s very important that the file you provide is accurate.



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